2009, Installation, The Vilcek Foundation Gallery, New York, USA,
2 videos x One couple x 2 instruments = 8 Emotions

"Mettre sur toutes choses l'accent Circomplexe!" / "To put a circumplex accent on everything!" (Paul Valéry)

"Comprendre l’être, l'existence, la vie, avec l'aide, aussi, du système. C'est à dire, d'abord, de mettre sur toutes choses l'accent circomplexe!" / "To Understand our being, our existence, life, with the help of the system also. Which means, first, to put a circumplex accent on everything!" (Edgar Morin, La méthode, 1981)

* A circumplex is a circular representation of human nature that can be traced from ancient astrology to Leonardo da Vinci to the modern psycho-evolutionary circumplex models.

* Loosely based on the Circumplex of emotions by R. Plutchik (1980) which decomposes emotions into a circular system of primary emotions (joy vs. sadness, anger vs. fear, trust vs. disgust, surprise vs. anticipation), the work attempts to explain the unexplainable, following the sudden loss of my mother and a personal breakup in 2008. The piece also pays tribute to a series of colorful tapestries of the 15th century "The Lady and the Unicorn" representing the five senses - for our senses are the triggering points of our emotions.

Anger : Death | Trust : Time | Fear : Self | Surprise : Gift
Anticipation : Future | Joy : memories | Disgust : The Other | Sadness : Loneliness

Split-Screen Full Video Link:

Circumplex : Trailer

Circumplex : Teaser Trailer